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Alton Vance - Southwest Photographer
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Photography Lessons

Payment Arrangements

I Will Personalize Your Photography Lessons
If you want to improve your photography I can help you. I will taylor personal photography lessons to meet your needs. If you have looked at my galleries and like what you see and you would like to know more about how I create these images I will be happy to help you on your way to better photography.

Each session is made up of eight Lessons covering a period of twelve weeks and costs $250. - (Back to Menu)

This is how it works
E-mail me with information concerning your photographic background. I will have you E-mail me several of your best images. After some communication I will determine where you would like to go with your lessons and I will taylor each lesson to your personal needs and wants. If you have a posted gallery somewhere on the internet let me know where it is. I will use that gallery as a basis for helping me develop your lessons. I will give you eight (8) specific assignments which will be done over a period of twelve (12) weeks.

After each assignment is completed I will have you E-mail your best images from that assignment. I will critique them and send back the critique with any suggestions I may have. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you wish and I will answer them the best I can over that period of 12 weeks. The eight week course can be repeated as many times as you wish and each session will be personalized based upon where you are at the end of the preceding session. (Back to Menu)

Payment Arrangements & Cost for Photography Lessons
Each session of eight Lessons over a period of twelve weeks is $250. I will accept personal checks, money orders, Pay Pal direct deposit, or Credit Card through Pay Pal. Send me an E-mail to ask questions or for further details and information. Click Here to Send E-mail (Back to Menu)