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Alton Vance - Southwest Photographer
2871 Huerta Way
Norco, CA 92860
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About the photographer

Alton Vance


Alton Vance grew up on a farm in Colorado. His father was always taking slide pictures with an inexpensive 35mm view finder camera. Alton recalls watching many of his father's slide shows he presented to company who often came by the farm in Montrose, Colorado. He was fascinated by photography even as a little boy. Alton started taking pictures with a Brownie Box camera when he was in grade school and has been interested in photography ever since.

Although Alton felt his principle calling was to become a minister he has always used his knowledge and interest of photography in creative ways in his ministry work. He is presently ministering to a wonderful Christian Church in Norco, California.

He holds a Master's Degree in Theology but he also has taken classes in photography whenever possible. He took classes in El Paso, Texas when he was ministering there. Since coming to California he has taken two years of photography at Chaffey College in Alta Loma where he won at least 17 awards while attending this college photograpy classes. He has continued his education in photography through reading and siminars. He learned to SCUBA dive and has taken many underwater pictures.

But his best work has been taken in the southwest United States. Most of his work on this site has been taken with professional digital Canon Camera such at the 1D Mark III and 5D Mark II combined with high quality Canon Professional series Canon "L" Lenses. Some of his earlier work on this site was taken with an Olympus E10. Most of his earlier film work is tucked away in boxes so most of what you see on these pages are recent photographs done with newer digital technology.

This site has grown out of requests from numerous people who have requested he offer his work for sale. The GALLERIES pages present some of his recent work. We hope you enjoy this site. If you would like to order a print for your home or office please contact Alton at alvance@NHisLight.com or call 951-734-4825.